Early learning is the critical period from birth to about 5 when the brain develops most rapidly and children are building a foundation for learning that will last for life.

Infant Program

Our Infant program provides a natural environment for a baby to learn and explore under the attentive supervision of an experienced teacher trained in child growth and development.  It is an interesting and safe space for infants to rest, explore, and develop. The environment is designed to support the child’s need for purposeful activity and opportunities for developing skills such as reaching, grasping, sitting up, standing, walking, early literacy, and building trust in the world throughout the first year of life.

Toddler program

Our Toddler program fosters independence, nurtures the development of pro-social behaviors, and exposes young children to pre-kindergarten concepts through play, joyful experiences, and intentional investigations. Our program also emphasizes play based learning with a project approach at this age which deepens their explorations, curiosity, knowledge as well as  encourages creative thinking.

Preschool Programs

Our preschool programs are to continue to foster independence, support developing empathy, compassion and conflict resolution strategies, and to present opportunities for children to engage in experiences that blend both creative and cognitive thinking. Our program’s emphasis on play based learning with a project approach plays a crucial role as it supports the children’s developing understanding of concepts in the areas of language and literacy, mathematical and scientific thinking, creative expression, social studies, and geography.  Children’s social/emotional, fine and gross motor development, creative thinking, and problem solving are also nurtured as children engage in intentional learning experiences and opportunities.

School Age

Our school age program offers a relaxed environment for children to unwind after school and teachers provide tutoring and homework assistance.  During out of school days we have wonderful learning experiences planned for the children.